I visited my neighbor last night and was in awe of the beautiful, new marble countertops she installed in her kitchen.  I told her how gorgeous they were and how jealous I was that I didn’t have a couple grand to spend on new marble countertops. She just laughed, and told me that they weren’t marble, they were  concrete! My jaw dropped, I couldn’t believe it. She began to relay how she removed the old countertop, made a mold, filled it with concrete, and waited for it to set. Once dry she simply stained and sealed the concrete countertops to look like marble and viola. Look below, can you tell the difference?

concrete countertop sealed

humble beginning

Feeling inspired and ambitious after visiting your friend, you commit to making a concrete project of your own. You decide to start small with an outdoor end table. You check around the internet for concrete countertop design ideas. You then hit YouTube and watch 1,000 DIY videos, and decide you’re ready confident enough to begin. A quick visit to Redimix Color‘s online store and 24 hours later, you’re ready to cast your very own concrete countertop. Once it’s set, you can stain and decorate the concrete to create the countertop of your dreams.

seal and protect

All that’s left now is to seal it. Concrete’s inherently porous nature. So, any and all concrete surfaces that might come in contact with practically anything other than air should be properly protected from stains and water absorption with a proper sealer including  tables, countertops, bars, floors, etc.. The right sealer does more than protect and seal your project. It  can also enhance the color and finish you’ve chosen, so there are many factors to consider. The amount of sealant options available can be overwheling, so I’ve added a few quick tips below to help you choose the right sealer for your project:

Indoor PRojects

Choose a heavy duty, food-safe, heat and scratch resistant sealer. Additionally, if you’re applying inside, be sure to use a product that is safe for indoor application and boasts: LOW ODOR.


Consider a penetrating sealer that provides increased protection against harsh or not-so-harsh elements such as rain, sun, snow and hail.


Decide what finish you want. Sealers come in a variety of sheens. For a natural look, choose a low-sheen or matte finish.

Ghostshield CryliTek 5500 Concrete Sealer Matte Finish

For a shiny, glass-like finish select a high-gloss product.

Ghostshield Cryli-Tek 5505 Concrete Sealer – High Gloss Finish

Be sure to test in a small inconspicuous area before applying to your entire project to be sure it’s the look you want.


Less is more when you apply sealers. Apply a few thinner coats versus one, thick coat. Most sealers require several coats and drying time in between. Give yourself plenty of time for sealant layers to cure completely cure before you use it.

Ready to try a bigger project? Redi-Mix can help with all of your concrete color needs. Redi-Mix offers a variety of Ghostshield sealers that will protect your projects,including concrete countertops and keep them looking beautiful for years to come.