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  • September27
    Preventing Cracks In Concrete

    Although concrete is one of the most durable, effective and long-lasting building materials known to man, it too has archenemies, namely water-soluble salts and gases.

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • August30
    Acid or Water Based Concrete Stains | How to Choose

    The decorative concrete market exploded in recent years when contractors started using acid-based concrete stains to achieve rich earthy colors that resembled natural

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • July22
    Benefits of Sealing Concrete

    There is some debate regarding if and when concrete surfaces require sealing. Skeptics suggest that sealing is unnecessary and that concrete performs adequately on its

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • July01
    Concrete Versus Asphalt Parking Lots

    Business owners know that one of the most important features to a commercial or industrial property is the parking lot. Not only is a property’s appearance

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • May23
    Summer Patio Upgrades

    Summer picnics and backyard barbecues are right around the corner, and people want to get their decks and patios in tip-top shape for entertaining. Whether they’re

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • March25
    The Importance of Concrete Sealers

    Since concrete is a porous surface, water can make it’s way in and end up causing a lot of damage. We’ll go over a few types of concrete damage due to water and then

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • December20
    Redi-Mix takes on NRG Stadium

    Sometimes, it really is concrete that keeps the game going. Concrete Dream Team Redi-Mix Colors teamed together with Business Flooring Specialist of Houston to treat the

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • November21
    Winter Concrete Protection

    Winter in the Midwest is an extremely dangerous season for concrete driveways, walks, patios and other decorative and expensive elements of home design. Despite being an

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • November14
    Acid-Based vs. Water-Based Concrete Stain

    Contractors are often asked by their clients: What is the difference between acid-based concrete stains and water-based concrete stains. Are they equally good? Is one

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • October23
    Concrete Halloween Projects

    Want to take your Halloween décor to a “spook”tacular new level this year? Quick-setting concrete is inexpensive and surprisingly easy to craft with. Using a few

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • October15
    Concrete: Your Eco-Friendly, Neighborhood Building Material

    As contractors and government agencies push for increased support of eco-friendly construction and green building initiatives, U.S. Concrete and The Environmental Council

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • October08
    Soundproof Concrete

    Since concrete is one of the most common building materials used throughout the country for homes and businesses, it’s likely that you work or live in a building with

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • September24
    Commercial Concrete Protection Process LIVE

    Redi-Mix Colors had the pleasure of working with our favorite fast food taco stop: Taco Bell! Noticing that the drive-through was lack-luster due to normal

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • September17
    Garage Floor Coatings

    Garage Floors Take a Beating, Protective Coatings Help Garage floors are usually made of concrete and often subjected to all kinds of abuse, including impact, chemical

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • September06
    Concrete Fireplaces

    For centuries the word “concrete” has been synonymous with strength. Some of the oldest and most famous structures, such as the Roman Colosseum and the Hoover Dam,

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • August31
    How to Create Marbleized Concrete Stain

    Marble Looks Without the Marble Price With so many new techniques available in the decorative concrete market, contractors can help their clients achieve many looks. The

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • August20
    Concrete Staining Mistake to Fix & Avoid

    Most professional contractors want to meet or exceed their clients’ expectations or, at the very least, avoid an unhappy customer. (That’s why you buy Redi-Mix stains

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • August13
    Redi-Mix at the St. Jude New England Classic

    Every once in a while, opportunities arise that one simply can’t pass up. When approached to sponsor the 3rd Annual St. Judes Golf Classic that took place on June

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • August06
    5 Famous Concrete Structures

    We know that today’s contractors are always doing different and innovative things with concrete. In fact, we support it! But concrete is actually one of the oldest and

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • July30
    Redi-Mix Colors & Ghostshield Power Alliance

    As announced by & Concrete Decor, RediMix Colors has teamed up with quality concrete sealer brand GhostShield to bring a new level of

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • July23
    General Contractor Interview Tips

    Ace Your General Contractor Interview Since Chip and Joanna Gaines started fixing things up, armchair experts everywhere believe anyone—themselves included—can be a

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • July16
    4 Steps to Concrete Seal Pool Decks

    Pool decks have long been a prime customer choice for concrete installations. Concrete pool decks are beautiful and functional, but in order to keep them looking their

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • July09
    Don’t Skip Concrete Protection

    Protecting Concrete Whether stained or bare, concrete needs protecting. It may seem contradictory, but water—the chief ingredient in the hydration of cement in concrete

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • July06
    GhostShield Used for Repairs at Orlando Sanford International Airport

    Property managers of the Orlando Sanford International Airport were experiencing water intrusion on the top deck of the main parking garage. Water was leaking down

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • July02
    Water-Based Concrete Stain: Good for Your Job, Good for the Environment

    Water-Based Concrete Stain: A Win-Win Despite differing views on climate change, most everyone can agree that pollution is a pertinent issue, and everyone can take steps

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • June25
    Staining Outdoor Concrete

    Are you looking for a foolproof way to make your outdoor space eye-catching and inviting? Concrete stain is a fast, simple, cost-effective method to turn a dull gray slab

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • June11
    Getting Outdoor Concrete Summer Ready

    It’s that time of year where the sun shines longer, the weather entices us all day, and we’re spending more time outside. If you’re planning on using your outdoor

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • April11
    DIY Stamped Concrete Walkway

    Take your back yard game to a new level! Here’s how to create a beautiful decorative path using stamped concrete instead of bricks, pavers and stone. Stamped-cement

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • February22
    Choosing Decorative or Stained Concrete

    Decorative concrete Decorative concrete and stained concrete have divergent finished looks.  It’s a good idea to master the basics when working with colored concrete

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • November14
    Decorative Concrete Collaborative

    As concrete is quickly expanding its horizons from brute building material into a design and decorative staple, contractors are dealing with designers and architects who

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • November12
    Stain and Seal Concrete Countertops. Create Magic!

    Inspiration FOR CONCRETE COUNTERTOPS I visited my neighbor last night and was in awe of the beautiful, new marble countertops she installed in her kitchen.  I told her

    By Redi-Mix Colors
  • March28
    Concrete Stain for Summer

    Concrete Stain – Color for Summer! The start of summer makes many people think about losing weight, getting in shape, starting a new project…it’s about new

    By Redi-Mix Colors