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  • RT 138 Taunton Red Brick Sidewalks

    RT 138 Taunton Red Brick Sidewalks

    RMC supplied the Pigment, Release Powder, Color Hardener and Sealer for the reconstruction of the sidewalks on RT 138 In Taunton Mass. From just beyond The Downtown Area traveling several blocks north to Bay Street you will find newly constructed sidewalks with Red Brick Decorative Concrete strips installed by P A Landers and K DaPonte Construction. Our products are approved to be used on all similar MassDOT Projects.

  • Terra Concrete

    Terra Concrete

    Joe Terra and his team at Terra Concrete used a half dose of RMC Grey Pigment with our RMC Light Grey Release Powder on this beautiful pool patio in Easton. Then they finished it off with our RMC Cure & Seal.

  • Superflat Concrete

    Superflat Concrete

    Cape Cod Inflatable Park

    This job, done by the guys at Superflat Concrete, is a massive Boardwalk Stamp Pattern done with RMC Honey Bess Pigment, RMC Medium Grey Release Powder, and finished with our RMC Cure & Seal. The Turtle and Starfish Stamps are a really nice touch too!

  • Superflat Concrete

    Superflat Concrete

    Hanover Residence

    This large walkway/pool deck, done by Superflat Concrete, was poured with RMC Beige Pigment. Then our RMC Liquid Release was applied, and finally it was sealed with RMC Cure & Seal. Liquid Release is a great alternative to powder release to achieve a more solid color look.

  • Superflat Concrete

    Superflat Concrete

    Falmouth Residence

    This beautiful Ashlar Slate Stamp Patio was done using our RMC Grey Pigment and RMC Medium Grey Release Powder. The Compass was stained using a combination of our Ghostshield/RMC Hydro-Stain in the Accent Black, Deep Blue, Yellow Gold, Rust and Mahogany colors. Once again it was sealed with our RMC Cure & Seal once all the final touches were added.

  • Southcoast Sealcoat & Concrete

    Southcoast Sealcoat & Concrete

    Macomber Street

    Another twist on our most popular color scheme! Southcoast Sealcoating used our RMC Grey Pigment combined with our RMC Mediuk Grey Release Powder. Then it was cut into a long diamond pattern, and sealed with our RMC Cure & Seal.

  • Guidetti Concrete

    Guidetti Concrete


    Anthony and his wife Sarah at Guidetti Concrete did this beautiful patio in Plymouth combining our RMC Gold Pigment with RMC Medium Tan Release Powder. As always, they finished it off with our RMC Cure & Seal. What a great combination for a nice rustic looking patio!


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