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Preventing Cracks In Concrete by Redi-Mix Colors

Although concrete is one of the most durable, effective and long-lasting building materials known to man, it too has archenemies, namely water-soluble salts and gases. Water, which is an integral ingredient in making concrete, can also be extremely destructive in a few different ways. Concrete damage nearly always involves moisture, and water can carry detrimental substances such as chlorides from road salts into the concrete causing structures to weaken and break down. This article will discuss numerous ways in preventing cracks in concrete. Water and the substances it introduces into concrete can cause issues such as: Organic growth including moss, mold, algae and lichen Steel corrosion from chloride Efflorescence Freeze/thaw damage Another major issue that concrete faces is cracks. Concrete is designed for compressive strength and has lower tensile strength. If the internal tensile stresses are greater than the tensile strength of the concrete, cracks can develop. A whole host…

Acid or Water Based Concrete Stains | How to Choose by Redi-Mix Colors

The decorative concrete market exploded in recent years when contractors started using acid-based concrete stains to achieve rich earthy colors that resembled natural stone, wood, and marble. Today, water and solvent-based dyes have expanded the range of colors beyond earth tones. These concrete stains offer a virtual artist’s palette of stain colors ranging from vivid reds, purples, oranges, and yellows to soft pastels. So how do you (or your contractor) choose between acid or water-based concrete stains?  Acid stains work by generating a chemical reaction and causing the concrete to change color. Acid stain can be used inside and outside and is preferable for projects that call for rich natural color variation, deep earth tones, and permanent color. One of the primary benefits of acid stains is that they are permanent and won’t fade, chip or peel off. Because they are translucent, they produce unique looks in each application based on the…

Benefits of Sealing Concrete by Redi-Mix Colors

There is some debate regarding if and when concrete surfaces require sealing. Skeptics suggest that sealing is unnecessary and that concrete performs adequately on its own. However, even most of them agree that periodic sealing can prolong the life of concrete installations including pool decks, sidewalks, driveways, patios, lanais, and parking lots. This is especially relevant in the case of stained or etched concrete or in areas where the concrete will be subjected to adverse weather conditions or road salt. When considering concrete sealers it helps to know the options as well as the difference between an acrylic resin-based sealer, a penetrating sealer, and an epoxy or polyurethane sealer. Acrylic resin-based sealers guard concrete with a film of acrylic resin and provide good cost-effective protection. These sealers may be blended with other products such as epoxy, silicone or polyurethane. One product, styrene acrylic may turn yellow in direct sunlight, but…

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Concrete Versus Asphalt Parking Lots by Redi-Mix Colors

Business owners know that one of the most important features to a commercial or industrial property is the parking lot. Not only is a property’s appearance significantly improved by the presence of a well-maintained and properly cared for parking lot, your visitors feel valued and safer as a result. When businesses take great care of their parking lots, they are sending the message to visitors, customers, employees, and guests that their safety is important. With these criteria in mind, many companies are choosing concrete versus asphalt parking lots for their businesses. Although most people think asphalt when they think about parking lots, concrete offers distinct and numerous advantages. In fact, with its many benefits, concrete is increasingly being chosen as an alternative material for driveways, sidewalks, access paths, parking lots and many other surfaces. How Does Concrete Stand Up Against Asphalt? When considering what material to use for a parking lot,…

Summer Patio Upgrades by Redi-Mix Colors

Summer picnics and backyard barbecues are right around the corner, and people want to get their decks and patios in tip-top shape for entertaining. Whether they’re starting from scratch with a completely new concrete patio construction or upgrading a boring concrete pad, here are a few patio upgrades to take backyard entertaining from ho-hum to hold on to your hat. Cost Effective Maybe the concrete is still in great shape and homeowners want to add a bit of flair without being too flashy or spending too much. A great, cost-effective way to give a concrete patio a facelift is by adding a border. Using bricks, mulch, stones, flowers, plants, or a combination, creating a decorative and unique border can transform a boring concrete patio into a beautiful backyard oasis. Polished Want to create a more polished look for clients with a higher budget? A faux tile design can be a unique option.…

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The Importance of Concrete Sealers by Redi-Mix Colors

Since concrete is a porous surface, water can make it’s way in and end up causing a lot of damage. We’ll go over a few types of concrete damage due to water and then visit a good solution to prevent these types of damage. Spalling When water enters the concrete and forces the surface to peel. Common in basements with concrete flooring. Pitting Pitting can occur if too much water was present in the mixing process which creates the concrete to be weaker than it should be. Cracking Cracking is simply exactly what it’s named. Cracking can also occur from the result of the concrete not being mixed properly. Other causes can be age or extreme temperature changes. Scaling Scaling is also caused by extreme temperature changes. When water penetrates the concrete and then freezes, it will break off small flakes from the surface, similar to spalling but usually damages…

Redi-Mix takes on NRG Stadium by Redi-Mix Colors

Sometimes, it really is concrete that keeps the game going. Concrete Dream Team Redi-Mix Colors teamed together with Business Flooring Specialist of Houston to treat the concrete at NRG Stadium, home of the Houston Texans and host to more than 500 events per year. RMC  provided BFS with the components and training for our patented Concrete Protection Process (CPP), to be applied to a 3,500-square-foot area of the stadium elevator lobbies. CPP will preserve the treated concrete surface from the inevitable wear and tear that comes with a seating capacity of more than 72,000 people. The process, which revitalizes the concrete upon treatment, provides a protective barrier between the concrete surface and the millions of feet that will cross over it on their way to NFL games, rodeos, concerts and monster truck shows. This will extend the concrete’s lifespan and maintain its strength for years to come. We’ll keep checking…

Winter Concrete Protection by Redi-Mix Colors

Winter in the Midwest is an extremely dangerous season for concrete driveways, walks, patios and other decorative and expensive elements of home design. Despite being an extremely durable building material, concrete is not indestructible. In fact, in winter concrete is extremely vulnerable to both the freeze/thaw cycle and the threat of salt. It’s vital to invest in cold weather concrete protection by treating concrete installations with a high quality concrete sealer before Mother Nature has a chance to wreak havoc on them. Despite its solid appearance, concrete actually contains a complex system of pores and tributaries which allow water to seep in. During warmer seasons and in parts of the country with milder climates, this is not an issue as the water soon evaporates or soaks through. However, in areas where the temperatures dip below 32 degrees, this trapped water freezes and expands causing the concrete to crack. Then, when…

Acid-Based vs. Water-Based Concrete Stain by Redi-Mix Colors

Contractors are often asked by their clients: What is the difference between acid-based concrete stains and water-based concrete stains. Are they equally good? Is one better than the other? Is the only difference that one is better for the environment? The answers are yes, no, yes, but, yes, and—well, you get the idea. What’s the Difference Between Acid-Based & Water-Based Concrete Stains? To start, acid-based stains contain solvents, and water-based stains do not. What does that mean? Let’s delve a little deeper. Acid vs. Water, Round 1: Color Selection Acid-based concrete stains: Rely on metallic salts, which makes for a limited colors palette. Water-based concrete stains: Have an extensive color selection and are available in both bright primary colors and subtle, muted earth tones. Acid vs. Water, Round 2: Safety Acid-based concrete stains: Contain dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can make worksites unhealthy for contractors and others exposed to the unpleasant acid…

Concrete Halloween Projects by Redi-Mix Colors

Want to take your Halloween décor to a “spook”tacular new level this year? Quick-setting concrete is inexpensive and surprisingly easy to craft with. Using a few household items and some cheap plastic Halloween molds from the dollar store, your home will be the envy of the neighborhood with some unique concrete Halloween projects. Crafty Halloween Concrete Projects Concrete Jack-O’-Lanterns If you love the look of jack-o’-lanterns but not the mess of smashed or rotting pumpkins, you can make your own concrete jack-o’-lantern. Concrete Jack-O’-Lantern Supplies Plastic tarp Gloves Plastic pumpkin pail Large bucket Quick-setting concrete mix Water Hand trowel Old clothing and towels Disposable cup or planter Concrete Stain Concrete Sealer How to Make a Concrete Jack-O’-Lantern Step 1: Spread a tarp down on your intended work space. Since concrete is heavy and messy, consider working outside on the ground. Step 2: Remove handle from pumpkin pail. Step 3: Pour…