RMC GhostShield Eco-Etch 1001


This cleaner solution is a patented, synthetic concentrate that will effectively profile or etch a concrete substrate without any harmful effects and can be used safely for both interior and exterior applications.

1 gallon

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Our RMC GhostShield Eco-Etch 1001 can also be used to clean and remove light concrete build up from tools and concrete equipment. This non-fuming, patented formulation will also remove mortar from bricks and tools.


RMC GhostShield Eco-Etch 1001 provides numerous benefits to the user:

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Patented Technology
  • Powerful formulation that works
  • Non-Regulated by D.O.T.
  • Non-Fuming
  • Non-Skin Irritant
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Triple Zero HMIS score

Our Concrete Etch offers numerous advantages to the end user:

  • Etch & Rinse!
  • No Neutralizing step
  • Powerful technology that has proven effective on the toughest cleaning assignments
  • Eliminate the need to use harsh chemicals
  • Reduce labor cost
  • Increase life of equipment
  • Provide a safer work condition


We recommend a maximum of 2:1 (water: RMC GhostShield Eco-Etch 1001) for light profile and undiluted for a deeper etch or surface profile. To maximize the etch cleaner’s effectiveness, always test to determine best suited ratio. Application is simple:

  • Mist substrate after removing debris
  • Apply the diluted solution with a pump up sprayer
  • Let sit for ten minutes
  • If solution gets dried up, simply reapply and agitate with brush
  • Rinse with clean water


Read more on the RMC GhostShield Micro-Degreaser 1100 Data Sheets:

Eco-Etch 1001 Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Eco-Etch 1001 Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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