RMC Cure & Seal – LOW VOC (5 gallon)


Topical cure and seal for decorative concrete and stamped concrete surfaces. Acts as a curing agent while providing a thin acrylic layer on the surface to protect and preserve your colored or stamped concrete.

Additional Shipping Charges Apply for Orders to Alaska & Hawaii


25 Cure Seal sealer is a styrene-acrylate copolymer solution with UV Blockers and Light Stabilizers added to stop the yellowing process. 25 Cure Seal leaves a membrane that assists the curing of freshly placed concrete and achieves both a protective and decorative finish as well as full mix design properties. 25 Cure Seal coatings dry to a tough protective film that adheres well to metal, concrete, and other masonry surfaces. The coatings have excellent resistance to U.V., water, and a wide variety of chemicals


For curing of fresh colored concrete in both residential and commercial decorative concrete applications. Applications include driveways, patios, walkways, cart paths and interior or exterior slabs.

Applied to existing colored concrete slab to renew seal and protect against moisture damage and stains.



  • Light Foot Traffic: 4 Hours
  • Heavy Foot Traffic: 24 Hours
  • Vehicular Traffic: 72 Hours



  • Solids Content – 25% +/– 1
  • Specific Gravity – 0.92
  • Pounds/Gallom – 7.67
  • Appearance – Amber liquid
  • Dry Time @ 73ºF, 50% RH – < 1 hour
  • VOC content – <700 g/L
  • Adhesion to Concrete – Excellent
  • Alkali resistance – Excellent
  • Appearance of dry film – Colorless, Transparent