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Concrete Product Rollers

package of 3 with roller cage to apply in corners and tight spaces. $29.99

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Concrete Product Sprayer

1.3 Gallon pressurized sprayer bottle for easy application to walls and floors

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DIY Concrete Sealer Package Special

3 Gallons of Lithi-Tek 9500 Industrial Grade Sealer that will cover concrete surfaces (walls and ..

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Garage Space Package Concrete Sealer

covers up to 500 SF of garage floor $299.99. 1 Gallon Ultra Concentrate Siloxa-Tek 8505.

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Ghostshield Clean and Prep Concrete Cleaner

To clean and prepare older surfaces with dirt and stains up to 1500 SF.

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Ghostshield Cryli-Tek 5500 Concrete Sealer, Satin Finish

An industrial-grade, water-based, breathable, acrylic sealer that enhances, protects, and provides a clear, low-sheen finish.

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Ghostshield Cryli-Tek 5505 Concrete Sealer, Gloss Finish

An industrial-grade, solvent-based, non-yellowing, acrylic sealer that enhances, protects, and provides a clear, high-gloss finish.

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Ghostshield Hydro-Etch 1000 Concrete Cleaner

A powerful, acid-based cleaner, specifically formulated to clean, brighten and etch concrete in addition to removing efflorescence ..

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Ghostshield Lithi-Tek 4500 Concrete Hardener

An industrial-grade, water-based, lithium densifier for use as a stand-alone product or as a primer to strengthen and harden concrete.

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Ghostshield Lithi-Tek 9500 Concrete Sealer

An industrial-grade, water-based, proprietary sealer designed to densify, strengthen and waterproof concrete: increasing abrasion ..

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Ghostshield Siloxa-Tek 8500 Concrete Sealer

An industrial-grade, water-based, silane/siloxane engineered to reduce water and moisture intrusion, while protecting concrete or ..

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