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RMC Acid-Free Concrete Cleaner Etch



Acid Free Concrete Cleaner Etch

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Product Description

This cleaner solution is a patented, synthetic concentrate that will effectively profile or etch a concrete substrate without any harmful effects and can be used safely for both interior and exterior applications. Our Acid Free Concrete Cleaner Etch can also be used to clean and remove light concrete build up from tools and concrete equipment. This non-fuming, patented formulation will also remove mortar from bricks and tools.


Our Safe Concrete Cleaner Etch provides numerous benefits to the user:

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Patented Technology
  • Powerful formulation that works
  • Non-Regulated by D.O.T.
  • Non-Fuming
  • Non-Skin Irritant
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Triple Zero HMIS score

Our Etch offers numerous advantages to the end user:

  • Etch & Rinse!
  • No Neutralizing step
  • Powerful technology that has proven effective on the toughest cleaning assignments
  • Eliminate the need to use harsh chemicals
  • Reduce labor cost
  • Increase life of equipment
  • Provide a safer work condition


We recommend a maximum of 2:1 (water: RMC Concrete Cleaner) for light profile and undiluted for a deeper etch or surface profile. To maximize the etch cleaner’s effectiveness, always test to determine best suited ratio. Application is simple:

  • Mist substrate after removing debris
  • Apply the diluted solution with a pump up sprayer
  • Let sit for ten minutes
  • If solution gets dried up, simply reapply and agitate with brush
  • Rinse with clean water

Ultra-Safe Concrete Cleaner Etch Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

The MSDS below should be used to learn about the materials that are used in our product. As you can see, there are no toxic chemicals that are used in our concrete cleaners and they do what most of our customers have called, an amazing job. You will be very pleasantly surprised when you see the results from this safe product. Please see below.

Concrete Cleaner Etch MSDS

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