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Medium Tan – 30Lb


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Product Description


RMC COLOR RELEASE – RMC Color Release is a custom blend of color pigments (ASTM-C979), dry hydrophobic powder, and other proprietary ingredients. They are made with RMC’s pure, light fast, weather proof pigments. Manufacturing quality and consistency is assured by strict control of blending the components in their proper proportions. RMC Color Release Powder adds color variations and highlights to the textured surface, providing an attractive two-color antiqued look that very closely re-sembles natural materials such as cobblestone, brick, tile and slate.

The release powder is the highlighter not the primary colorant in the concrete; coloring of the concrete may be achieved by using integral pigments or color hardeners. Which procedure to use should be determined by the final desired effect, conditions at the job site and preference of the designer. Integral colored produces a color through matrix while color hardener is a surface application. The advantage of integral color is that it colors through the thickness of the slab saves time and it makes for a cleaner finishing process.



  • Allows a clean bond break between fresh concrete and stamping tools or mats.
  • Adds color variation-atiquing affect stamped surfaces.
  • Easy removal process allows for controlled removal to achieve desired shading effect.



  • It is helpful to also coat the stamps with release powder before placing on wet concrete for the first time.
  • Never drag anything on the surface or trowel over release powder. Discoloration will accur.
  • If the stamps have been recently washed, they must be fully dry before starting to stamp. Any moisture still left on the mats will descrease the release powders’ eficiency resulting in concrete adhering to the stamp.
  • Always cover walls, columns and plants with 1 mill plastic liner to avoid excessive clean up labor.
  • Before Pressure washing the concrete, broom off the release powder or pick up with a wet/dry vacuum.
  • If after pressure washing and cleaning there is still to much release on the surface use RMC Clean & Etch to complete the removal. Use this process with caution.


RMC Color Release is packaged in 30lb pails. Coverage is approximately 800-1000 Square Feet per 30lb pail.