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How concrete pigments are used

Prior to pouring, concrete pigment is mixed with the concrete, making it easy to use and offering a consistent, even color. Pigments add color throughout the concrete, rather than just adding it to the surface, so the color will remain unchanged, even after aging and wear. You can use a standard color from our color charts, or we can help match a custom color for concrete countertops, overlay, grout, stucco, plaster or similar cement-based materials. Concrete pigment is an easy, quick option for any project, big or small.

Stamped Outdoor Concrete and Integral-Colored Slabs

Utilizing concrete with pigment is as simple as choosing a color! Concrete pigment is added to the concrete mix before pouring and the concrete is then finished with a smooth, stamped or textured surface. The colored concrete can then be stained with a contrasting accent color for an antiqued look or to give the surface more depth.

Concrete Countertops and Polished Finishes using Concrete Pigments

Concrete Pigment is an excellent countertop color option and is outstanding when used for polished surfaces. Since the concrete color is consistent throughout, polishing the surface doesn’t diminish the color. The countertop becomes smoother and shinier, enhancing the color for a beautiful, marble-like finish. Concrete pigment can also be used with acid stain or accent color(s) to create a countertop that suits today’s interior designs.