Concrete Versus Asphalt Parking Lots by Redi-Mix Colors July 01, 2019 0 Uncategorized

Business owners know that one of the most important features to a commercial or industrial property is the parking lot. Not only is a property’s appearance significantly improved by the presence of a well-maintained and properly cared for parking lot, your visitors feel valued and safer as a result. When businesses take great care of their parking lots, they are sending the message to visitors, customers, employees, and guests that their safety is important. With these criteria in mind, many companies are choosing concrete versus asphalt parking lots for their businesses. Although most people think asphalt when they think about parking lots, concrete offers distinct and numerous advantages. In fact, with its many benefits, concrete is increasingly being chosen as an alternative material for driveways, sidewalks, access paths, parking lots and many other surfaces. How Does Concrete Stand Up Against Asphalt? When considering what material to use for a parking lot, a few key differences between concrete and asphalt stand out: Initially, asphalt tends to cost less than concrete; however, it will require more frequent repairs over time. Concrete has the potential to last much longer and show less wear and tear. Although concrete can be more complicated and costly to repair, fixes are needed much less frequently than asphalt, and with proper care, concrete has a much longer life span. Speaking of care, concrete is relatively simple to maintain;although to prevent surface damage, it’s important to use particular products for ice melting in climates where that is a concern. More and more business owners are contemplating these factors carefully and finding that the long-term advantages of concrete are ultimately more appealing, which is why you’ll see an increasing number of concrete parking lots in the future. Before considering a concrete parking lot for your business, it’s important to consult an experienced contractor who has a proven success rate with concrete parking lot installations. It’s vital that the foundation is properly prepared before any additional surface material is added. If concrete is poured onto an insufficient foundation, vulnerabilities can be introduced very early on.

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