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Benefits of Sealing Concrete by Redi-Mix Colors July 22, 2019 0

There is some debate regarding if and when concrete surfaces require sealing. Skeptics suggest that sealing is unnecessary and that concrete performs adequately on its own. However, even most of them agree that periodic sealing can prolong the life of concrete installations including pool decks, sidewalks, driveways, patios, lanais, and parking lots. This is especially relevant in the case of stained or etched concrete or in areas where the concrete will be subjected to adverse weather conditions or road salt. When considering concrete sealers it helps to know the options as well as the difference between an acrylic resin-based sealer, a penetrating sealer, and an epoxy or polyurethane sealer. Acrylic resin-based sealers guard concrete with a film of acrylic resin and provide good cost-effective protection. These sealers may be blended with other products such as epoxy, silicone or polyurethane. One product, styrene acrylic may turn yellow in direct sunlight, but…

Concrete Versus Asphalt Parking Lots by Redi-Mix Colors July 01, 2019 0

Business owners know that one of the most important features to a commercial or industrial property is the parking lot. Not only is a property’s appearance significantly improved by the presence of a well-maintained and properly cared for parking lot, your visitors feel valued and safer as a result. When businesses take great care of their parking lots, they are sending the message to visitors, customers, employees, and guests that their safety is important. With these criteria in mind, many companies are choosing concrete versus asphalt parking lots for their businesses. Although most people think asphalt when they think about parking lots, concrete offers distinct and numerous advantages. In fact, with its many benefits, concrete is increasingly being chosen as an alternative material for driveways, sidewalks, access paths, parking lots and many other surfaces. How Does Concrete Stand Up Against Asphalt? When considering what material to use for a parking lot,…