Summer Patio Upgrades by Redi-Mix Colors May 23, 2019 0 Uncategorized

Summer picnics and backyard barbecues are right around the corner, and people want to get their decks and patios in tip-top shape for entertaining. Whether they’re starting from scratch with a completely new concrete patio construction or upgrading a boring concrete pad, here are a few patio upgrades to take backyard entertaining from ho-hum to hold on to your hat.

Cost Effective

Maybe the concrete is still in great shape and homeowners want to add a bit of flair without being too flashy or spending too much. A great, cost-effective way to give a concrete patio a facelift is by adding a border. Using bricks, mulch, stones, flowers, plants, or a combination, creating a decorative and unique border can transform a boring concrete patio into a beautiful backyard oasis.


Want to create a more polished look for clients with a higher budget? A faux tile design can be a unique option. To make this look authentic, you can saw tile patterns into the concrete patio and use multiple concrete stain colors to simulate grout lines and mottled tiles.


Maybe your client prefers a cozier feel or is looking for a way to add a pop of color to a boring concrete pad? Using concrete stain, stencils, and some good old fashioned painter’s tape—depending on what sort of design they choose—you can create the look of a rug bringing the warmth and intimacy of a family room to the back yard. Bonus, they will never have to worry about this “rug” getting damaged by weather, mold, or any of the other perils outdoor features face.


Finally, if a more natural look is appealing, you can use stencils, a combination of shapes and earth-toned stains to simulate the look of natural stone. This will create a stunning and more durable appearance since the concrete will weather the elements far better than natural stone materials which are prone to erosion.

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