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The Importance of Concrete Sealers by Redi-Mix Colors March 25, 2019 0

Since concrete is a porous surface, water can make it’s way in and end up causing a lot of damage. We’ll go over a few types of concrete damage due to water and then visit a good solution to prevent these types of damage. Spalling When water enters the concrete and forces the surface to peel. Common in basements with concrete flooring. Pitting Pitting can occur if too much water was present in the mixing process which creates the concrete to be weaker than it should be. Cracking Cracking is simply exactly what it’s named. Cracking can also occur from the result of the concrete not being mixed properly. Other causes can be age or extreme temperature changes. Scaling Scaling is also caused by extreme temperature changes. When water penetrates the concrete and then freezes, it will break off small flakes from the surface, similar to spalling but usually damages…