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Winter Concrete Protection by Redi-Mix Colors November 21, 2018 0

Winter in the Midwest is an extremely dangerous season for concrete driveways, walks, patios and other decorative and expensive elements of home design. Despite being an extremely durable building material, concrete is not indestructible. In fact, in winter concrete is extremely vulnerable to both the freeze/thaw cycle and the threat of salt. It’s vital to invest in cold weather concrete protection by treating concrete installations with a high quality concrete sealer before Mother Nature has a chance to wreak havoc on them. Despite its solid appearance, concrete actually contains a complex system of pores and tributaries which allow water to seep in. During warmer seasons and in parts of the country with milder climates, this is not an issue as the water soon evaporates or soaks through. However, in areas where the temperatures dip below 32 degrees, this trapped water freezes and expands causing the concrete to crack. Then, when…

Acid-Based vs. Water-Based Concrete Stain by Redi-Mix Colors November 14, 2018 0

Contractors are often asked by their clients: What is the difference between acid-based concrete stains and water-based concrete stains. Are they equally good? Is one better than the other? Is the only difference that one is better for the environment? The answers are yes, no, yes, but, yes, and—well, you get the idea. What’s the Difference Between Acid-Based & Water-Based Concrete Stains? To start, acid-based stains contain solvents, and water-based stains do not. What does that mean? Let’s delve a little deeper. Acid vs. Water, Round 1: Color Selection Acid-based concrete stains: Rely on metallic salts, which makes for a limited colors palette. Water-based concrete stains: Have an extensive color selection and are available in both bright primary colors and subtle, muted earth tones. Acid vs. Water, Round 2: Safety Acid-based concrete stains: Contain dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can make worksites unhealthy for contractors and others exposed to the unpleasant acid…