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Want to take your Halloween décor to a “spook”tacular new level this year? Quick-setting concrete is inexpensive and surprisingly easy to craft with. Using a few household items and some cheap plastic Halloween molds from the dollar store, your home will be the envy of the neighborhood with some unique concrete Halloween projects.

Crafty Halloween Concrete Projects

Concrete Jack-O’-Lanterns

DIY Concrete Pumpkin Jack o Lantern
If you love the look of jack-o’-lanterns but not the mess of smashed or rotting pumpkins, you can make your own concrete jack-o’-lantern.

Concrete Jack-O’-Lantern Supplies
  • Plastic tarp
  • Gloves
  • Plastic pumpkin pail
  • Large bucket
  • Quick-setting concrete mix
  • Water
  • Hand trowel
  • Old clothing and towels
  • Disposable cup or planter
  • Concrete Stain
  • Concrete Sealer
How to Make a Concrete Jack-O’-Lantern

Step 1: Spread a tarp down on your intended work space. Since concrete is heavy and messy, consider working outside on the ground.

Step 2: Remove handle from pumpkin pail.

Step 3: Pour dry concrete mix in large bucket or tub and add water a little at a time mixing with a hand trowel until your concrete is about the consistency of thick brownie batter. If you want to add color to your concrete, do that now. You can always paint them after the concrete has dried and hardened completely.

Step 4: Spoon or pour concrete mix into the plastic candy pail using the hand trowel to push it down as you go and remove air bubbles. Fill it quickly leaving about 1 inch of space at the top.

Step 5: Insert disposable cup or planter into the center pushing it down until the top is level with the rim of the bucket. This will make a recess so you can add a candle, tea light, or plant to your finished pumpkin.

Step 6: Carefully bump and tap pumpkin on the ground and on all sides with the hand trowel to ensure a smooth surface and place a brick over the opening to weigh down the cup.

Step 7: Allow concrete to set for at least 24 hours.

Step 8: Once the concrete has set, use a utility knife to cut and remove the plastic pumpkin pail and cup from the center. Use sandpaper to smooth any rough edges.

Step 9: Stain your pumpkin with orange and green using concrete stains. Don’t forget to seal!

Concrete Tombstones

DIY Concrete Tombstone

Concrete Tombstone Supplies
How to Make a Concrete Tombstone

Step 1: Prepare concrete

Step 2: Spray pan with cooking spray so that concrete doesn’t stick

Step 3: Poor concrete into the pan

Step 4: After the concrete has set for a few minutes, use stamp letters or a chopstick to write what you chose on your headstone

Step 5: Let harden completely and remove from mold.

Step 6: Distress your tombstone if you choose and finish with a coat of grey and black stains to give your tombstone dimension. Don’t forget to seal!

Concrete Skulls

DIY Concrete Skulls

Concrete Skull Supplies
How to Make a Concrete Skull

Step 1: Cut a circle in the top of the skull and then cut the skull in half.

Step 2: Tape the two halves back together with duct tape sealing the edges well.

Step 3: Mix concrete and pour a small amount into the skull mold—filling it about three-fourths of way full.

Step 4: Push disposable cup or planter into the cement. Fill in the sides with concrete if necessary.

Step 5: Allow the skull to dry for about 6 hours

Step 6: When concrete is set, remove the duct tape from the sides of the plastic skull

Step 7: Distress your skull if you choose and finish with a coat of grey and black stains to give it dimension. Don’t forget to seal!
If you want to mix custom colors for your fall concrete crafts or have any questions about ordering, contact Redi-Mix today! We’re always ready and eager to help!

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