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Since concrete is one of the most common building materials used throughout the country for homes and businesses, it’s likely that you work or live in a building with concrete walls. Not sure? Try a quick knock. A concrete wall will not echo.

Is Concrete Soundproof?

Not on it’s own. Concrete boasts versatile properties that make it well-suited for varying environments and surroundings, which is why it’s often chosen by contractors who are drawn to its cost-effectiveness and resiliency. One minor issue that has been found is that soundproofing concrete can prove tricky.

Despite what some might think, concrete’s thickness and durability do not necessarily make it an effective soundproofing barrier.

How to Soundproof Concrete

Fortunately, it’s pretty simple to soundproof concrete. It all comes down to the science of sound waves. Soundproofing concrete is found in creating air gaps to trap noise and keep it from bleeding through walls and floors.

Use Soundproofing or Dampening Coatings

In concrete walls, this can look like using a soundproofing wall coating or sound dampening material. Some of these materials are applied like wallpaper or can be painted on. Other decorative overlays look like stucco and the application soundproofs concrete walls.

Paint Over the Concrete

The porous nature of concrete allows it to absorb sound but leads to a low sound transmission loss, or STC. Therefore, painting or plastering concrete reduces sound absorption and increases the soundproofing and insulating characteristics not found in bare concrete.

Use Drywall Overlays

Additionally, using drywall overlays will help to soundproof concrete walls. Adding drywall creates an air gap between the drywall and the concrete wall, trapping noise. There’s even a special type of drywall made especially for soundproofing that comprises two layers of sheetrock with a layer of rubber insulation sandwiched between them.

Once your concrete is soundproofed, make sure it looks nice! Redi-Mix has you covered on all concrete stain, sealers, and cleaners. Interested in wholesale pricing or have any questions? Contact us today at (508) 823-0771 or

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