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Concrete Halloween Projects by Redi-Mix Colors October 23, 2018 0

Want to take your Halloween décor to a “spook”tacular new level this year? Quick-setting concrete is inexpensive and surprisingly easy to craft with. Using a few household items and some cheap plastic Halloween molds from the dollar store, your home will be the envy of the neighborhood with some unique concrete Halloween projects. Crafty Halloween Concrete Projects Concrete Jack-O’-Lanterns If you love the look of jack-o’-lanterns but not the mess of smashed or rotting pumpkins, you can make your own concrete jack-o’-lantern. Concrete Jack-O’-Lantern Supplies Plastic tarp Gloves Plastic pumpkin pail Large bucket Quick-setting concrete mix Water Hand trowel Old clothing and towels Disposable cup or planter Concrete Stain Concrete Sealer How to Make a Concrete Jack-O’-Lantern Step 1: Spread a tarp down on your intended work space. Since concrete is heavy and messy, consider working outside on the ground. Step 2: Remove handle from pumpkin pail. Step 3: Pour…

Concrete: Your Eco-Friendly, Neighborhood Building Material by Redi-Mix Colors October 15, 2018 0

As contractors and government agencies push for increased support of eco-friendly construction and green building initiatives, U.S. Concrete and The Environmental Council of Concrete Organizations assert their ongoing commitment to the environmentally-responsible use of sustainable concrete in building cost-effective and healthy places to live and work. Concrete for Sustainable Construction Concrete continues to be recognized for its environmental and economic benefits throughout the life cycle from raw material extraction and production, to construction, maintenance, demolition, and disposal. What makes concrete sustainable? We’re glad you asked! Concrete’s Reduced Carbon Footprint Concrete’s use of recycled materials reduces greenhouse gasses, such as CO2 emissions, and consumption of raw material. Concrete’s Durability Buildings made of concrete are long-lasting structures that will not rust, rot, or burn; and will stand up against the elements and natural disasters such as hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, and even tsunamis. The lifespan of concrete building products doubles or triples that…

Soundproof Concrete by Redi-Mix Colors October 08, 2018 0

Since concrete is one of the most common building materials used throughout the country for homes and businesses, it’s likely that you work or live in a building with concrete walls. Not sure? Try a quick knock. A concrete wall will not echo. Is Concrete Soundproof? Not on it’s own. Concrete boasts versatile properties that make it well-suited for varying environments and surroundings, which is why it’s often chosen by contractors who are drawn to its cost-effectiveness and resiliency. One minor issue that has been found is that soundproofing concrete can prove tricky. Despite what some might think, concrete’s thickness and durability do not necessarily make it an effective soundproofing barrier. How to Soundproof Concrete Fortunately, it’s pretty simple to soundproof concrete. It all comes down to the science of sound waves. Soundproofing concrete is found in creating air gaps to trap noise and keep it from bleeding through walls…