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Redi-Mix Colors had the pleasure of working with our favorite fast food taco stop: Taco Bell! Noticing that the drive-through was lack-luster due to normal wear-and-tear, the location manager came to us to ✓ REVITALIZE ✓ BEAUTIFY ✓ PROTECT ✓ PRESERVE their concrete surface. And boy, did we deliver (did you ever doubt us?). Using our patent-pending Concrete Protection Process, we gave our local Taco Bell’s drive-through the facelift is desperately needed!

Before Redi-Mix’s Concrete Protection Process

Normal wear from car traffic, UV rays, and weather causes concrete to look worn and washed out.

During Redi-Mix’s Concrete Protection Process

After cleaning the area, we used RMC’s Antique Black Concrete Stain to leave a nice, solid color on the driveway.

During Redi-Mix’s Concrete Protection Process

Taco Bell’s drive-through now looks brand new!

If you’d like to learn more about how Redi-Mix can improve your business’ exterior, contact us today at or (508) 823-0771!

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