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Garage Floors Take a Beating, Protective Coatings Help

Garage floors are usually made of concrete and often subjected to all kinds of abuse, including impact, chemical attack, abrasion, thermal shock, and normal wear and tear. Considering that concrete is a porous substance and not necessarily designed to withstand this abuse, over the years, protecting concrete garage floors has become a sophisticated process.

Ultimately the goal for a garage floor coating is effective protection from deterioration or contamination, or a value-added benefit such as aesthetics, chemical resistance, non-skid, or easy maintenance. Based on these properties, it’s now time to choose the most effective material and application to elicit the best performance and lowest life-cycle cost.

The Best Garage Floor Coating or Sealer

To the oft-asked question, “What is the best garage floor sealer,” the easy answer is: There is no easy answer. It may seem like a simple question, but the bottom line is it needs to be preceded or followed up with more questions: How much do you want to spend? How long are you able to go without garage use? How is the garage used? How important is the outward appearance?

Considering just a few of these variables will help narrow down the multitude of choices for garage floor coating. There are certainly many choices for those who like a lot of options.

Multi-Coat Epoxy & Polyurethane Garage Floor Sealing Systems

For durability, quality and maximum protection against chemicals, gas, oil, road salt, and water damage, multi-coat epoxy and polyurethane systems are excellent choices for garage floor sealers. They prevent spalling from freeze/thaw damage or thermal shock and are scratch and chip-resistant. These sealers general last 10-15 years and are often the choice for commercial and industrial applications such as warehouses, showrooms, and more.

The downside is that they are costly—about $4-$5/square foot—can be difficult to apply, and leave the garage out of commission for several days.

Polyaspartic Garage Floor Sealing Systems

Polyaspartic concrete garage floor sealing systems provide a similar look and protection to epoxy without the downtime. However, this type of garage floor coating usually starts at about $6.00/square foot.

Acrylic Garage Floor Sealers

If these sealers seem cost-prohibitive or labor-intensive, but you like the look of a glassy floor, perhaps an acrylic sealer is a better choice. Although not the best sealer for a garage floor, it will provide moderate protection against chemicals, stains, oil, and water, and creates a dustless surface. Easily applied with a pump sprayer or roller, acrylic sealers last about 18-24 months and cost about $30-$40/gallon (which treats 200-400 square feet).

Penetrating Garage Floor Sealers

Don’t care about a glossy finish or mind the look of bare concrete?  Penetrating garage floor sealers are becoming increasingly popular. The cost and installation are similar to acrylic sealers, but this garage floor coating will last for years without the need for reapplication. By penetrating the concrete and creating a sealed barrier at the surface, these are considered one of the best concrete garage floor sealers in terms of value and protection against road salts, concrete dusting, spalling, and pitting.

Redi-Mix Has Your Garage Floor Sealing System

Redi-Mix Colors has the best assortment of environmentally-friendly concrete sealers that will fit your exact need and budget! If you need help choosing the right concrete sealer for your job, contact us today at or (508) 823-0771.

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