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Marble Looks Without the Marble Price

With so many new techniques available in the decorative concrete market, contractors can help their clients achieve many looks. The marble look is popular and can be achieved without a hefty price tag!

Although it is a difficult technique to master, marbleizing provides unique results on new installations and on areas of older concrete that have been exposed to sunlight and rain. In these situations, the slab’s porosity accepts different depths of stain creating natural areas of light and dark. Do you have a client looking to create the marble look without the marble price?

How to Apply Marblized Concrete Stain

The end results of marble concrete stain application is a uniquely beautiful installation. Please note: We prefer water-based concrete stain as it’s easier to work with and eco-friendly. Acid stain requires different preparation. This how-to-guide applies to water-based concrete stains:

  1. If you are using an existing concrete slab, remove any sealants with a grinder using 60 grit stone. Power wash the slab and then use a wet vac inside or allow to dry naturally if outside. In order to accept stain, the first step is to expose the concrete. If this is a new installation, proceed to step 2.
  2. Have your client choose colors. There are endless beautiful combinations of stains, so this is a great time for the client to let their style and creativity shine.
  3. Mix stain according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Put each color in a separate bottle, if you intend to spray it on large areas and use a separate container for painting using a foam brush. We recommend spraying large areas and using a foam brush for “lines.” Also, keep a spray bottle of fresh water handy to blur lines.
  4. Working in multiple directions, spray the main areas with your base color. Working in multiple directions help you to avoid accidentally making a pattern.
  5. Using the foam brush and also working in multiple directions, paint lines throughout wherever you want and then mist with clear water to blur.
  6. Once you have a base, if you are using another color you can begin spraying it to add depth and dimension to your marble look. Keep a rag hand to blot up areas where the stain pools if you don’t want it to get too dark. Keep in mind light colors will not show over dark colors so you should spray light first and then dark
  7. Continue to repeat these steps working in multiple directions until your entire concrete slab is “marbleized.”
  8. Let dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  9. Seal
  10. Watch your client’s face erupt with pleasure.

If you have questions about concrete stain application or want a custom color that will really wow your client, contact us today at (508) 823-0771 or

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