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Protecting Concrete

Whether stained or bare, concrete needs protecting. It may seem contradictory, but water—the chief ingredient in the hydration of cement in concrete as well as moist curing—is also concrete’s biggest enemy. Water can penetrate the surface and freeze, causing surface spalling. It can also carry chemicals into the concrete and bring excess lime to the surface in efflorescence.

With any concrete installation, one of the most important steps is sealing and protecting the finished concrete. There are many types of protective coatings, including solvent-based sealers, sealers with finishes, silicone treatments, surface hardeners, and linseed oil.

Silicone treatments, made by soaking silicone solids in a solvent solution, are often used on above-grade exterior walls. The material is sprayed onto the wall, and the solution penetrates the concrete pores. As the solvent evaporates, the silicone resin that is left behind forms a water barrier.

Linseed oil, which readily emulsifies with water, penetrates concrete’s porous surface to about 1/8” and forms a protective coating to repel moisture and salt solution. Two applications should protect your concrete installation from potentially harsh winter damage.

Concrete Protection Made Easy

Redi-Mix Colors understands that our customers put creativity, time, and money into their concrete surface projects. Knowing this, we realize just how important it is to protect, preserve, and extend their beauty and lifespan, which motivated us to develop our patent-pending concrete protection process.

This process revitalizes surfaces, cleans and beautifies, protects against staining, preserves and provides abrasion resistance, and extends the lifespan of your concrete surfaces.

Designed for concrete pads for drive-thrus, gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants and other areas subject to vehicle traffic that can cause staining, our concrete protection process can protect your new installation or rejuvenate your existing lackluster surface.

Some benefits of our patent pending concrete protection process:

  • Can be applied to colored or traditional installations
  • Cleans and restores concrete to original state
  • Preps aggregate surfaces for sealing or staining
  • Provides abrasion resistance in high-traffic areas
  • Offers UV protection to lengthen lifespan and prevent fading
  • Increases surface durability

If you’d like more information, contact us today!

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