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It’s that time of year where the sun shines longer, the weather entices us all day, and we’re spending more time outside. If you’re planning on using your outdoor entertaining areas this summer, but your patio or deck needs a little TLC, Redi-Mix has you covered! We have a few tips to make sure your stained concrete patio is in tip-top shape for peak outdoor entertaining season.

Start with a Clean (Concrete) Slate

You’re going to begin by moving furniture, plants, grills, and other accessories off the concrete patio. Once the area is clear, use a strong bristled broom to sweep dirt and debris from the surface. If you have any unsightly weeds along the edges or in between cracks, yank them out. You’ll want the concrete surface completely cleared of any obstructions so the cleaning process is as simple as possible.

Clean that Concrete!

Cleaning your concrete area is easy! All you’ll need is a cleaning solution and a stiff broom or brush. Redi-Mix offers concrete cleaning options that are safe, effective, and eco-friendly. With no toxic chemicals, the RMC Concrete Cleaner & Degreaser is a great option when your concrete area has plants, animals, or children on it regularly.

No matter the concrete cleaner you choose, application will more or less be the same. Depending on the level of dirtiness, you’ll dilute your cleaner with good ol’ fashioned water. Dilution ratios will vary by product, but the rule of thumb is: the dirtier your concrete surface, the more concentrated your solution.

After you’ve mixed your solution, you can begin applying it. Using a sprayer is the best method to ensure an even application. If no sprayer is available, you can apply the solution directly and immediately brush it evenly over your concrete surface. By now you’ve probably worked up a sweat. Go get yourself a glass of lemonade and enjoy some A/C while you wait for the concrete cleaner to do its work. This is a good time to think about all fun you and your family are going to have on your newly-clean concrete deck or patio. We know, we’re excited for you, too.

Back to it! Go over the area with a stiff brush to agitate the cleaner. Do not use a metal brush as it can leave bits of metal on the concrete that can rust and stain your patio, or end up embedded in your feet. If there are areas that are particularly dirty (looking at you, grill area), you may need to repeat this process. If stains are persistent, a more concentrated cleaning solution may be required.

Seal in the Clean, Block out the Dirty

You did it! Once your patio is clean, protect it from future stains by sealing it with a high quality concrete sealer and you’ll enjoy it for years to come. Ghostshield offers many acid- or water-based options that will protect your colored concrete from UV damage, oil stains, weather damage, and more.

Not sure which product is right for you? Just give us a call at 508-823-0771 or shoot us an email at and we’ll make sure you are getting the exact products you need.

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