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Choosing Decorative or Stained Concrete by Redi-Mix Colors February 22, 2018 0

Decorative concrete Decorative concrete and stained concrete have divergent finished looks.  It’s a good idea to master the basics when working with colored concrete or concrete stains. Then move on to more challenging projects.  Architecture often features decorative concrete AKA integrally colored concrete.  Many aspects that effect the final color of concrete. Contractors have been coloring concrete since the early 1950’s . The F.D. Davis Company introduced the idea in southern California. They added a chemical manufacturing waste product called synthetic iron oxide to traditional gray concrete mix , and were able to achieve a wide range of earthy tones. integrally colored/decorative concrete Pigments transform bland concrete into vibrant colors. Some are still mined from the ground but today most pigments manufactured in chemical plants. Pigments come in powder, liquid and granular forms. When added to cement mix, the pigment particles coat the larger cement particles.  Many factors affect the final color, but the most critical is the water to cement…