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As concrete is quickly expanding its horizons from brute building material into a design and decorative staple, contractors are dealing with designers and architects who may not be as familiar with all the ins and outs of one of the world’s oldest building materials.
In order to help designers, architects, and clients get on the same page so that projects can exceed everyone’s expectations, decorative concrete contractors have a few tips to help everyone understand just what can and can’t be done with concrete and how things really work.
There are MANY ways to Color Concrete
When designers or clients specify a color, contractors need to know if it’s a dye, integral color, water-based or chemical stain. In order for contractors to meet the end goals, they need to educate their clients on the different methods of coloring concrete.
Additionally, there are many different methods of sealing and finishing which must be taken into consideration at the same time, as some design materials and processes do not mix well. Overall it’s good to sit down as a team at the outset and plan the best approach to achieve the end result that everyone’s looking for.
Communication is KEY
It’s easy to use Google, YouTube, Pinterest and more to find a design you want. And sometimes, because photos and videos can make difficult tasks seem very simple, designers and architects assume they will get exactly what they expect without really communicating that goal.
If the architect wants to use a particular design element, they should discuss this upfront with the contractor—who actually works with the materials and knows what can and cannot be done in reality. Ultimately the best way to achieve the end result you want is clear communication among all parties through every step of the process.
Your Contractor is a Vital and Integral Part of Your Team
Generally speaking, finding the right contractor is one of the most important choices that architects and designers make. Seeking out a person with the skill, reputation, and experience to achieve your goal is vital. However, once that decision is made, give said contractor the freedom to contribute his knowledge.
If a contractor is chosen based on his decorative concrete experience, then ask for his input and experience as the design is being created. Everyone on the team has unique strengths and a defined skillset. Designers and architects should contribute what they know best, and contractors should also be allowed to be experts in their field, not just hired hands or laborers.
Be Realistic on Cost Up Front
With the multitudes of finishes, colors, stains, designs and more, most decorative concrete projects can be completely unique and different. However, don’t expect to change and modify a design and have it cost the same as another project that varied significantly.
Designers, architects, and decorative concrete contractors can work together to come up with many new applications. The possibilities are limitless with imagination and collaboration.

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